23 thoughts on “Is there a playbook for minotaur?”

  1. Mark Tygart Yeah, I had forgotten about that. It could work for Chris Stone-Bush ‘s idea. Though the ability is a bit dul.

    I just might to make one myself.

  2. So many of those fan-made playbooks are written by people who don’t understand DW at all. Sigh. In any case, Chris Stone-Bush is right in that DW doesn’t typically do race-as-class. I get that you are looking at a monster, though, so maybe it’s not the same as an elf or dwarf or halfling. I wouldn’t be dead-set against the idea, but I still think the right thing is just a racial move. After all, if there is an intelligent minotaur society, it’s likely they wouldn’t have a homogenous skill set. There would be barbarians and thieves and clerics (and farmers and carpenters and…). If I had a player insisting on a minotaur playbook, I would say it represents a complete oddity. A monstrous minotaur raised by humans and struggling to fit in (but probably with poor impulses and a Charisma problem).

  3. Ray Otus You are absolutely right. I do understand this and am willing to make it happen (I think Barbarian is the best playbook for a minotaur-type of character I have in mind).

    Nevertheless (and in no offence at anyone) I simply asked if there was one.

  4. Lauri Maijala Only minotaurs were possibly offended…and they don’t really exist! If I might offer a counterpoint to my esteemed colleagues “race as a class” is as “old school” an idea as they come (very first D&D editions) and I’ve seen some charming examples in Dungeon World. The real issue is what game mechanics work for your game…

  5. Mark Tygart This was my thinking. I like DCCRPG’s approach with races as different classes. I have no problem or issue brewing something up – heck, that’s why I love Dungeon World. But since I didn’t find any Minotaur Playbooks I just wanted to check if I missed them/it. I must try to be more precise. ^_^

  6. Lauri Maijala No worries. You might look at “Numbers appearing” and some monster playbooks and cook up something nifty. I would think ogres and maybe beastmaster(?) playbooks might offer ideas…

  7. Actually it could be kind of cool to do a racial playbook, and instead of a choice of races each with a single move, you had a choice of classes.

  8. Mark Tygart What on earth do you mean Minotaurs don’t exist?

    Lauri Maijala Also, what’s DCCRPG? Give me a nudge on Google Hangouts, I’ll make a playbook for you.

  9. If you need the minotaur racial move “now” Camilo Suñer, you could totally use the Barbarian’s move for other classes. I’m not saying the Barbarian isn’t appropriate for a minotaur, but just in case your player wants to be something different. 

  10. Here’s a potential racial move I just thought of:

    The Labyrinth was your ancestor’s curse, and you carry some of its nature with you. When you chase or stalk prey, roll +con. On a 10+, their footsteps betray them: say where they find themselves when you inevitably catch up. On a 7-9, you can’t control exactly where their flight ends, but wherever it may be it’ll be a place of no escape, save through you.

  11. Mark Tygart Race as class is absolutely part of BX many OSR games as a result, as you say. Dungeon World didn’t take that route, though, so you have to know what you are doing if you introduce it. Right? Fans can certainly take it there. I was just making design comments. When you hack a game you ought to understand it if you want good results.

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