Earrings of Spiritual Fusion

Earrings of Spiritual Fusion

Earrings of Spiritual Fusion

A gift to fighting lovers from a trickster god. These earrings bind the wearers into one body.

When you put one earrring on, and the other by another Roll+WIS. The two bodies merge together to form one. Discribe the new form using qualities from the two original bodies.

10+ Choose 2 Benefits

7-9 Choose 1 Benefit and 1 side effect


> You have the memories of both bodies.

> Retain the skills of both bodies.

> Both bodies pass on something special to the new form to create a quality not present before the fusion. Discribe the new physical quality.

Side Effects

> The fusion is brief.

> The fusion of minds is too much. You cant maintain control of your thoughts.

> The form the fusion has created is undesirable. Discribe a serious problem with the form.


9 thoughts on “Earrings of Spiritual Fusion”

  1. I like it, but it could be unfortunate if the earrings were put on by two PCs, rather than a PC and an NPC.

    For one thing, which of them rolls +WIS?  But more importantly, after the merge one of them would need to make a new character, or they’d have to come up with some way to play with a shared body that can only do so much at once (assuming they don’t get the side-effect of “the fusion is brief”)

    Edit: Or is the fusion only maintained while the earrings are worn? If they can be taken off, that would make it less irrevocable.

  2. The roll is obvious.  Only PCs roll.  I think in that case, I would see about doing a Move to see who is in control and have a way that it can changed.  I would say, personally, if the ear rings are taken off, even one, then the effect ends.

  3. Im glad you guys got the reference to dbz and steven universe 👏

    As for ending it, yes removing the earring would end the effect in my game. Of course that is up to your table to decide.

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