Heroes of the City 3.0  This is a Dungeon World hack.  This hack is designed to accomplish three things:  Quick…

Heroes of the City 3.0  This is a Dungeon World hack.  This hack is designed to accomplish three things:  Quick…

Heroes of the City 3.0  This is a Dungeon World hack.  This hack is designed to accomplish three things:  Quick Character Generation, Detailed Powers System, and Easy To Grasp Rule Set.  Yes, I am aware there are many other AW/DW hacks out there (Masks, Worlds in Peril, etc.) that tackle the superhero genre.  Mine is not better, but is designed to accomplish those three specific aims.

This version mainly quantifies and qualifies powers with more limits and guidelines which is the feedback I heard the most from 2.0  https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ys17vzqous0bge5/AADysyTpZj3KGbsWjpp6tzkTa?dl=0


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  1. I am not clear on how you are handling super-stats (super strength, dexterity, charisma etc)… and I think a super game needs to. I did see super strength, but it was only in terms of doing extra damage.

    But a very promising start!

  2. oh.. and I think the Blaster’s XP gain is kinda weak… in our games, it would be rare that someone would be “solo”. Where as the Controller gets XP for “preventing someone from getting hurt”… which I think would come up a lot more.

  3. Tim Jensen Bonds, just like in DW.  I don’t have lots of experience with AW games outside DW.  Are relationship mechanics supposed to be a bigger deal or part of the game in other hacks?

  4. Ryan M. Danks  Right now this is just a hack for me to use.  I appreciate people who take the time to shuffle through the files.  I’ll try and make version 4.0 come in a prettier package.

  5. Storn Cook  By the fiction I’m using, even powered up gang members are too much for the police to handle.  They require the intervention of heroes.  If the heroes go up against any conventional threat the police could handle, they’d just win.  Gang members in Titan City have made pacts with demons for power over flame.  Others have harnessed the power of death itself after killing innocents and then digging up a skull to use as their very own mask.  Crazed doctors inject insidious concoctions into corpses raising them from the dead and even causing them to explode like bombs.  The game is not scaled towards a ‘street-level’ or ‘vigilante’ powered game.  You’re heroes.  You fight villains.

  6. Jason Brannen Yes. You should check out some of the other PBTA games for this.

    Ryan M. Danks​ I agree with you, but those aren’t supers games. When I look at the popular media presentations of superheroes, like Watchmen, The Avengers, X-men and Justice League, it’s really all about relationships. Although I admit that I don’t know exactly what Jason is designing towards.

  7. Storn Cook Blaster XP:  I think I can come up with better wording.  “Take down a group of enemies by yourself”  The intent is that you’re a glass-cannon.  You can out damage-deal anything you come up against, making it a speed contest to see who can take down who first, and you have the biggest guns.  Single enemies, even very tough ones are no match for you over time.  However, mobs of minions can survive your attacks just through numbers and overwhelm you.  I’m also open to alternate suggestions that fit the theme of the blaster.

  8. Tim Jensen If you could recommend specific PbtA games for me to look at, I’d appreciate it.  For supers games in the PbtA genre I’ve looked at Just Heroes, Silver Age, Worlds in Peril, Masks, SuperHuman.  I’d be interested in how other games do relationships.  I think I’m really disadvantaged b/c I can’t seem to lay my hands on the original AW text.

    I kind of like the apparent simplicity of bonds.  You sit down at the table, create characters in 15 minutes, understand the rules in 10 minutes and are playing before half an hour has passed.  For a pick-up game, or highly episodic game with a rotating cast, I think bonds get the job done.  You fill in the name of one or two PCs and you’ve got a hook to hang your role-playing on with them.  Group dynamics develop out of the interrelationships and get more complex from there.  If there’s an alternate and simple way to do it, I’m all ears.

  9. Take a look at Monsterhearts. That game’s Strings are my favorite PBTA relationship rules. Also look at Sagas of the Icelanders, which does some interesting things with socially-enforced gender and status roles.

  10. Well, as far as CoH is concerned, the only relationship mechanics I could see requiring special attention are teamwork and sidekick relationships, probably emphasizing the roles of the heroes.

    Any deeper than that and it becomes more of a soap opera. CoH was unapologetically fun, good vs. evil on a grand scale.

  11. How would the controller fictionally use Battlefield Control if their control power is Mind Control? I don’t see it affecting most hazards, but I may be missing something.

  12. Scott Selvidge Good point.  I can try to explain it away by saying ‘hazard’ could apply to things other than physical obstructions which is how I was seeing it.  But that was not the intent.  I was visualizing melting ice, burning down walls, levitating someone over a trap, etc.  How would I either change the move or change mind control to work better?  Note:  I have had specific feedback that Mind Control was OP, so I’ve tried to scale it back and limit it more with this version.

  13. Jason Brannen and all, sorry it seems that AW 1ed is no longer there for free download. I got it from apocalypse-world.com by just registering and signing in with my email. When I sign in now, I don’t see it anymore. I think it was probably just a promotion before 2ed was finished. Now it seems there’s only 2ed material and links to purchase. Sorry for getting your hopes up.

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