Ran a one-shot using Funnel World today.

Ran a one-shot using Funnel World today.

Ran a one-shot using Funnel World today. Six randomly-generated level zero villagers, a crofter, a woodsman, a stoic tax collector, a hunter, an innkeeper and, most hilariously, a large-handed, very strong, very stupid scribe, strike out to reclaim the stolen Hand of St. Ignys in the midst of an apocalyptic storm. They follow a clue to the forbidden Standing Stones and learn that ghostly creatures from beyond the Black Gates are breaking through. One villager dies by ghostly bat swarm. They eventually catch up with the Paladin and Acolyte of St. Ignys who stole the Hand, and learn that the local cleric has been shirking his responsibilities and not bothering to perform the proper rituals to keep evil at bay, and that the Hand must be returned to the Cathedral along with the other relics to be used in a last-ditch effort to prevent the coming darkness. The villagers, foolish peasants that they are, decide that no high-talking city folk are going to steal their local relic, and try to take it back by force, resulting in the death of another villager. Ultimately the acolyte rushes off with the Hand and the Paladin begrudgingly sacrifices herself to save the (completely undeserving) remaining villagers from the ghosts, and they rush back home to tell their tale.

Play of the game: the crofter tries to rescue the hunter from a tar pit with a pitchfork, rolls snake eyes, and accidentally stabs her instead.

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  1. It was fun playing with the funnel starter a bit by making the “thieves” clearly the good guys, and I was so pleased that the players decided their villagers were too dense to recognize that. XD

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