One side project I’ve been chipping away at for close to a year is this collection of dungeon starters, which just went live on DriveThruRPG. It contains 5 starters by Marshall Miller and 15 by Mark Tygart, all edited and updated from their original forms.

The original versions of these starters are still online and available for free! There are no plans for that to change.

Marshall’s are here:


and Mark’s are here:


So why collect them and charge money? I wanted to put the best of the bunch in one convenient pdf, with a consistent design and editorial standard. That took a surprising amount of time and effort!

So I’m charging $5. That’s 25 cents per starter — seems like a decent deal to me.


14 thoughts on “20 DUNGEON STARTERS”

  1. Big thanks to Marshall Miller and Mark Tygart for agreeing to let me do this, and to Johnstone Metzger, Max Perman, and Tom Walker for spending their valuable time proofreading it.

  2. I read it as “So I’m charging $5.25 per starter. Seems like a decent deal to me.” instead of “So I’m charging $5. Twenty-five cents per starter seems like a decent deal to me.” 😛

    Looks like a cool project, I might pick it up for one shots.

  3. I hear ya Chris Shorb — I’m that kinda guy too. I may look into PoD options down the line, but I’m not sure you can do landscape format using that avenue. My thinking is that since each starter is only 2 pages long, it would be easiest/cheapest for people to browse the pdf and then just print out the 2 pages they need for a given session.

  4. I think the main problem with print is that these are better off as individual pages than as a book. DriveThru Cards can do 8.5×11 pages on standard card stock, but the print cost is more than a quarter each.

  5. Lovely collaboration all around, guys. Well done! The starters themselves are useful (and now beautiful) but the whole is a treasure trove of DW ingredients. Well worth the price of a fancy coffee drink.

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