12 thoughts on “Sorry if I’m ignorant, but what does FotF do better/differently from DW?”

  1. Seems to be trying to evoke a different tone. It seems more reminiscent of old school D&D. All about scrounging for treasure and trying not to die. I like it much more.

  2. In my opinion it makes for a more “real” interruption of the OSR/D&D experience. DW is really about heroes.

    Many of the basic moves are just reskinned. You can mix a match to meet your taste. I prefer the play books from FotF to the main DW books. Also the leveling “mini game” in FotF speaks to my old school sensibilities.

  3. I discovered DW and DCC RPG at around the same time. Together they reignited the feeling I had had playing D&D in the late 70s. The short answer is that it’s my attempt to bring all three of those things together into my own personal ideal “fantasy heartbreaker” RPG. Reliance on random inputs for content and a higher risk of character fatality are two big things. Others who have played could probably do a better job of explaining what sets it apart.

  4. +Ben George, yes! It’s going to be a soup-to-nuts, level-0-to-hero thing. The Overland & Underworld book will include revised versions of the Perilous Wilds tables plus comparable material for dungeons.

  5. The Freebooters magic system is worlds apart from Dungeon World. Since you basically start with a random spell name and go from there, you get all sorts of evocative ideas. We started with DW, but I am gradually bringing over the FB stuff. We’ve already brought over the non-class moves and equipment lists, and I am working in the spell system as “old world magic.” Eventually, a campaign event will “erase” new world magic, and OWM will become the standard. I’ve included Seventh Sanctum’s random spell name generator to populate scrolls for “found spells,” and may eventually ditch the FB table altogether for the random generator. As for the campaign conversion, when the current characters reach their highest levels, we’ll retire them and continue with new Freebooters. One thing I prefer with DW over FB, though, is the static HP’s, so I’ll probably keep that, and modify the leveling aspect. This makes combat a bit riskier throughout all the levels.

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