7 thoughts on “How would your like the Jekyll class to be? #dungeonworld”

  1. Chris S the original idea was to do a class resembling Dr. Jekyll (hence the name) and toy with the idea of the struggle between man/science and the beast within. As I gave it more thought, I could take other tropes as the mad scientist, the creator scientist, and even some alchemy in the mix but I wanted to know what direction people wanted me to take or at least which aspect to focus on. In regards to backgrounds the idea I have is to have the player select between being a natural genius, a scientist working undercover or one that is actually part of an Academy that backs up the crazy shot you come up with.

    So basically the question would be should I focus more on the mad scientist and his intentions or the scientist that through experiments can modify his body.

  2. I think if you wanted to make a Mad Scientist class, you should use the first two options. A Jekyll/Hyde type is something completely different in my mind

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