Looking for Players post!

Looking for Players post!

Looking for Players post!

Hey there! Looking for a player for dungeon world this friday at 8PM EST we usually play for 3.5 to 4 hours. We normally have 4 players, but this week we have only 3 so far.

We use hangouts (voice only) and roll20 (for dice rolling). Our tone is semi-serious but we also insert some humor both in and out of game.

Our group meets up every week, but we alternate games. So essentially, we have biweekly Dungeon World and on the off weeks we currently are playing Stars Without Number.

Comment if you are interested in giving us a shot tomorrow for Dungeon World with me GM’ing!

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  1. I had gotten a message from someone just about an hour before you commented.

    I apologize i should have gone back to plus and changed my posts faster.

    But, thank you for your interest 🙂

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