6 thoughts on “Jason Lutes, could you confirm the way you envision backpacks working, in conjunction with encumbrance?”

  1. The way we play, a backpack can hold whatever the Judge (considering player input) thinks is reasonable. Whenever it seems relevant — before entering a dungeon, crossing a chasm, etc. — I ask the players to describe how they’re carrying their stuff, and set limits if it seems like they’re pushing it.

    A backpack itself is 0 weight but can probably carry between 1 suit of leather armor (1 wt but bulky) and 1000 silver coins (10 wt, have fun hauling that around, Fighter).

    In the latter case will also “tell them the possible consequences and ask,” by saying for instance, “Sure, you can do that, but it’ll be so heavy that the stitching on the backpack straps might not hold in the long run.”

    The use of containers, light sources, etc., is meant to be adjudicated on a table-by-table basis, but that’s how I do it.

  2. We’ve decided the primary purpose of backpacks is to be able to drop it at a moment’s notice to shed the -1 ongoing penalty for being over your load limit. Beyond that, items are in “Hammerspace”.

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