9 thoughts on “Netflix’s Stranger Things inspires a Dungeon Starter: Vale of Shadows….”

  1. Andrea Parducci Like everything in a Dungeon Starter it is optional or subject to a GM’s revision. Another 1-3 result could be lose all holds. What do you think? Appreciate the feedback!

  2. I just finished a minor revision to deal with (D)

    +Andrea Parducci fears of a mechanic 1-3 roll encounter. Since the Demogorgon is nuts I hope expanding and reminding the GM of this now enables expanded GM options…

  3. Mark Tygart , you know, usually I am against ALL the moves that give a/some 6- pre-set results. One of the great upside of *World engine is the fine control that GM has on the “failures”. In other games, if a player fails a climbing roll, the result is “fixed”, he falls, and take X damages. In *World, I, GM, can choose a wide range of results: I can decide in that specific moment, it’s better to destroy his backpack on the rocks, but keep the character alive; I can decide that he can still climb, but on the top he now find new enemies waiting for the party; I can decide a big bird start to beak him while he’s clinging on the rocks, in a difficult position; I can decide to tell him that along the climbing, he notice a small cave he could sneak in, and it seems easier to face instead the rest of the climb… should he adventure in? Etc. All these results are the consequences of the GM moves. So I’m following my rules. This is why I love *World. If I’m forced to choose a result, in a move, then you are removing lot of coolness from the system. I should decide when and how the party is lost in the UpsideDown, when and how they face the Demogorgon etc. As “Director”, I feel I can create more climax than a random roll.

    However, I’m repeating myself.

    My suggestions about the move?

    Of course, removing the 6- results, and adding another cool “Impressions” list, maybe named “Inspirations”, that can be useful to every master when in need for cool scene, or quick inspiration. Maybe, a sort of Front/Impeding Doom that the characters have to face.

    So, in here you could suggest events, included the appearance of the Demogorgon (probably as one of the last rows of the list).

  4. Andrea Parducci You express your views admirably and I am torn. I can imagine the pure mechanical delight of “don’t roll a 2 or the Demonogorgon will come!” versus your more story driven approach. I rewrote the Starter to leave it up to the GM.

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