Six New Custom Monster Moves

Six New Custom Monster Moves

Six New Custom Monster Moves

These are the newest moves of my Vin Moves project that I haven’t posted on here. They are meant to be moves for the GM to have the monsters use on the players.

You can view all moves here:

My thought process on the moves:

There are currently 19 and I’m posting the last one tomorrow.

Fueled by Pain

This enemy revels in its own pain. Whenever his enemy takes damage, including self-inflicted damage, it becomes visibly more dangerous and increases its damage die size by one. If its damage is already at d20, add an additional d20 to its rolls and take the highest. If this enemy goes for a minute without taking or dealing damage, or is healed, its damage die resets to its original size.


Haunting Spirit

When you deal the killing blow to this enemy, its haunting spirit escapes from the corpse and screams into your body, roll+WIS. On a 10+ the spirit has a tenuous grasp on you, it will trouble your dreams. On a 7-9 the same, but the spirit also haunts your waking life and will occasionally speak to you. On a 6- the spirit might briefly take control of you during moments of weakness. The spirit will stay with you until an appropriate ritual is performed to expel it.


Volatile Growths

While in the presence of this enemy, every time you get a 6 on a die while rolling a move you can either keep the 6 or reroll that die. If you keep the 6 this enemy develops 1 pulsing growth on their body that seethes with magical energy. When this enemy dies its growths explode in a cascade of magical energy, if you are caught in the blast roll+CON and subtract the number of growths that exploded. On a 10+ you are unaffected. On a 7-9 choose 1. On a 6- the GM will choose an additional one.

– You take b[2d8] damage

– You gain a new debility of your choice

– Something you carry, the GM will tell you what, is destroyed


Evil Lair

When you set out to learn about this enemy’s lair, describe how and roll+STAT. On a 10+ choose 3, on a 7-9 choose 1.

– You learn the location of its secret entrance

– You know what monsters protect it and their stats

– You learn of a trap including location, trigger, and effect

– You learn of a hidden treasure and its location



When you deal 7 or more damage to this enemy in a single attack, the shimmering aura around it crackles and lashes out with tendrils of arcane energy at you and anyone with reach range of you. If you are caught in the counter-attack describe how you defy it and roll+STAT. On a 10+ you avoid the attack entirely. On a 7-9 choose 1. On a 6- the GM will also choose one:

– You take the damage that activated the aura

– The damage required to activate this aura is reduced by 1

– The enemy negates the damage. This can only be taken once per counter-attack


Insidious Hunger

This enemy exudes an aura of gluttony and everhunger. Each time you are attacked by this enemy, gain 1 craving. Whenever a move would have you consume a ration, such as Make Camp or Undertake a Perilous Journey, consume an additional ration and reduce your craving by 1. You must consume at least 1 ration to reduce your craving. If you ever go a day without eating while you have any craving, lose all craving and gain an appetite for sentient flesh.

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