Having tested my sheets across perhaps 12 sessions with four groups of players from all types of backgrounds, I have reduced my Freebooters character sheets to a single “super compact” page (8.5″ x 11″) per class. My goal was to produce something that eliminates shuffling or flipping of papers, gives first-timers less to read and remember, and evokes a familiar character sheet feel.

At my table, Advanced moves are now handled with CARDS so I’ve left a place for the player to record their selections. This is really working out great and I will share the set when it is finished.

I am sure there will be further changes and additions, but I wanted to share these with you here. Here’s a quick review of my house rules/modifications:

1) I lowered/simplified LEVEL UP requirements to LEVEL x5 XP. This is partly due to the elimination of the “Bank It” since treasure is not the main focus of our games. I also award a reduced maximum of 3 XP at end of session — one each for ROLE PLAYING (Class, Alignment, Traits), one for WORLD BUILDING , and one for STORY DEVELOPMENT.

2) There are damage die limits per class, per classic DW. I have yet to explore how the multi-class moves will impact this limit, but my thought is that a single advanced move may not be able to remove a given limit altogether, perhaps instead upping it by one die type (ex: d4->d6)

3) Various modifications to the CLERIC class starting moves and TEST OF FAITH table. Clerics also have the option to select WISDOM or CHARISMA as the basis of FAVOR and BASIC MOVES. PS: I’ve been fortunate to have a lot of clerics in my games — at least one or two at every table!

4) Thieves have the option to choose DEX or INT as the basis of their CUNNING and BASIC MOVES.

5) I removed Race/Heritage and Alignment details from the sheet in favor of blank areas to record details created collectively at the table.

6) I added a big area for NOTES since my players were keeping yet another sheet of paper in addition to my 2-sided tabloid sheets.

That’s it for now!

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