Hi. Long time Lurker, first time poster.

Hi. Long time Lurker, first time poster.

Hi. Long time Lurker, first time poster.

After playing some DW and writing few bits for the the gauntlet codex, I have decided to make a series of small supplements for DW, each about some particular topic from a weird/dark fantasy world. The first one is about the Skree, a formless god-like being of secret knowledge and rats (who act as its “eyes”). I want to include a companion class to go with it. I was wondering if you can look over what I have and see if it is interesting to play?


Any feedback is welcome, but I am mostly concerned about the playability.

*Could you see yourself or one of your fellow players pursuing this class?

*Are the powers over/underpowered?

*Is there anything missing from this class? (I know there is not much fluff yet, but just assume that the disciple is a part of a kinda hive-mind intelligence/being that doesn’t interfere much with everyday’s life of its “children.”)

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Really cool! I love it! The way the flavor ties into the mechanics and advances the fiction is awesome.

    One complaint I have is that Rouse the Swarm isn’t a very interesting move. Most of the time, I’m only wanting one of those functions anyway, so I’m perfectly happy with a 7-9 and don’t care about the extra options on a 10+. There’s also some overlap between “they distract nearby persons” and “they completely occupy a single target”–they’re just different degrees of the same thing. I’d prefer more distinct options.

    One thing you might want to add in is negative outcomes to be avoided. This makes the 7-9 choice more difficult, because you have to put up with a negative consequence if you want to accomplish anything.

  2. Thanks for the feedback, I will definitely change it to hold and maybe add a little hindrance for the 7-9.

    I was also thinking about Gnaw at their minds and I don’t think it needs another question. I think those two questions are broad enough. I am curious what do you think?

    Edit: oh, and for the choices for Rouse the Swarm, I was thinking that completely occupying one’s attention will basically change it so moves won’t be triggered. If a character is completely occupied PCs can sneak past them, attack them, etc. without needing to roll. The other option still triggers the move, but gives a +1 forward in that case.

    Maybe I should make it more clear in the text?

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