Negotiate Terrain

Negotiate Terrain

Negotiate Terrain

When you negotiate strange or arduous terrain on a Perilous Journey, each member of the party rolls + an ability suitable to the terrain (the Judge will say which).

On a 10+, You manage yourself well through the area.

On a 7-9, You’re exhausted from the constant effort; burn 1d4 from the ability used.

Examples: Hacking through underbrush (STR), recognize landmarks if you’ve been this way before (INT), trudging up a mountain (CON), jumping over crevasses in broken land (DEX), keeping a constant eye out for whip vines (WIS), not driving your companions crazy on a road trip (CHA).

2 thoughts on “Negotiate Terrain”

  1. And yes, you could simply use Make A Saving Throw instead, but my aim was to 1) have a formalized move that is part of PJ, 2) erode the characters through travel itself, and 3) remind the Judge to describe what makes the land itself interesting and challenging.

    There will be plenty of opportunity for actual Saving Throws on a failure.

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