Hey guys, let me ask you something:

Hey guys, let me ask you something:

Hey guys, let me ask you something:

Let’s say a fighter gets to level 2 and chooses multiclass dabbler to cast spells like a level 1 wizard. If he/she gets to level 3, will he/she be able to cast spells as level 2 wizard, or is he/she stuck as a 1st level wizard?

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  1. Andrea Del Cont I think you’re thinking DnD. The Fighter has an advanced move called Multiclass Dabbler, which allows it to gain a move from another class as if its level was one lower. If taken at level 2, it can only provide a starting move.

    The fighter in question has taken Cast A Spell (which also gives them Spellbook and Prepare Spells). When they prepare spells and add spells to their spellbook, they can do so as if their level was 1 less.

  2. I second the words of Tim Franzke​ and Mark Weis​. The fighter would get Cast a Spell, Spellbook and Prepare Spells and for the rest of his career would be able to prepare a number of levels of spells per day equal to his current level, instead of his level +1 since he prepared it as if he was one level lower. At least that’s how I remember it easier.

    I have never had anyone do this in my game, but it seems the most useful to take any spellcasting moves as multiclass at level 2 just to get the most benefit. If that’s not how it works then I have been interpreting it wrong the whole time lol

  3. I would generally agree with Tim Franzke​ and Scott Selvidge​ but if you want to be generous (especially in a one player game) then you could offer the ability to gain spell levels at the cost of a lower hit dice or just by making the fighter justify how he learns the new spells. It makes since that a wizard might develop new spells or finally master one he has been studying. But make the fighter work for it. How does he get his hands on a spellbook? Where or who can he go to to get spells? Rather then just giving a fighter magic missle, This could offer a lot of opportunity for side quests and keep the player always on the lookout for interesting magic effects.

  4. Daniel Fowler​ Oh yeah, you definitely want a fictional reason for why they are learning them. I always ask people how or why they are picking non-damage increasing or similar moves. Especially if it’s a multiclass move. I sometimes let people gain moves by their fellow players teaching them something they know.

  5. Thanks for the awnsers, guys. I had this idea of making a Fighter who would be a battlemage of some kind of mage’s guild, where he would have learned to fight with both sword and sorcery.

  6. The relevant bit of the rules is here: http://www.dungeonworldsrd.com/playing-the-game#TOC-Multiclass-Moves

    Multiclass Moves

    The multiclass moves allow you to gain moves from another class. You get to choose any move of your level or lower. For the purpose of multiclassing, any starting class moves that depend on each other count as one move—the wizard’s cast a spell, spellbook, and prepare spells for example. If a move from another class refers to your level, count your levels from the level where you first gained a move from that class.

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