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  1. Hmm… That is a good question. Hack ‘n Slash wouldn’t work since it has retaliation from the opposition built in, but other moves, like Volley and Cast a Spell, still could in theory…

    I suggest having each player describe their intended action, roll + their modifier, and then use the basic 10+/7-9/6- breakdown to figure out how well the moves actually pan out. Also, rely a bit more heavily on class moves to sort things out. That’s the best I got.

  2. PvP is a contentious issue in DW and there’s a lot of discussion about it on various forums. My feeling is that as long as there’s only PCs involved, you should let them create their own fiction, whether you call for moves or not, they should come up with the results as a dialogue between the players. As long as it’s actually the PCs fighting and not the players fighting, they should be able to come up with good story on their own.

  3. james day If you create a game with opposing alignments you accept that there will be at least the possibility of PvP. Otherwise why have the choice of playing an evil wizard alongside a lawful paladin in the first place? Having said that: The assumption is that the characters form a party of adventurers that go on quests together and PvP will be the exception rather than the norm. Still you have to have ways to deal with it and my understanding is: One player makes his move, rolls and the opposing player interferes by rolling + bond.

  4. make sure you are following fiction, then see if it triggers a move, if it does, see if the other player gets to aid or interfere

    just make sure you dont, oh you hack and slash and you defy danger

    oh… they cancel each other out… oh….

    but be warned it can be fucking deadly

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