49 thoughts on “Looking to join a pbp game on G+ if anyone has a spot open.”

  1. If we get enough interested people, we could even start our own!

    Would need a volunteer to be GM. I would, but i do everything from my mobile, and creating a group is not mobile friendly (though using it it ☺)

  2. I’m interested, though inexperienced in how pbp works with Dungeon World.  It seems like it should work pretty well, but would need to learn the pbp-specific rules.

  3. I imagine it’s mostly like the usual DW flow, except the GM probably does the rolling, since they have to interpret when moves trigger.  I’d also imagine there’s a bit more ‘parallelism’ where, instead of directing focus between individual players, multiple players contribute their narrative, then the GM ties them all into one coherent narrative combining their actions with the consequences.  But that’s just a guess.  You can probably structure it more like the traditional directed-question-and-response, but would take longer depending on availability/timing of players.

  4. We could start and continually improve as we go? We have a GM and 3 players so far, do we need 4 or should we move on to discuss these guidelines and expectations as to how we think it will work? We could look at an existing one as well to see how it was done? I know one discern realities episode spoke about PBP thoughts?

  5. I like the idea of just jumping right in and figuring it out as we go. Here are a few ideas I have for conventions:

    1. GM describes the scene and puts out a call to action. He can ask specific questions to players, but should address all of the players, so everybody has a chance to respond.

    2. Each player answers any questions, can post their own questions in return and also states what their character is doing.

    3. If the player believes their actions will trigger moves and those moves have specific known choices (like questions for Discern Realities), the choices should be made up front so that if the roll succeeds, play can proceed directly. If the roll misses, well, those questions don’t get asked. 🙂

    4. The player may also describe a series of actions that could trigger multiple moves, based on the assumption of success or failures that don’t impede the actions. It’s possible a given series of actions might get interrupted by a failed move, so the player’s narration is basically what might have happened, subject to being cut off partway. This may help things flow more smoothly in combat, where a lot of things can happen at once.

    5. I think the GM should mostly act directly on moves in this format as opposed to a table format where you tell the player they are making a move and then give them a chance to change their mind. In more extreme situations, tell them the consequences and ask is still a good response, but I think play will flow better if we let typical moves just happen.

    5. After the GM sees the action messages for all players, he then identifies moves and makes rolls as necessary. He makes GM moves per usual and then structures the entire flow of moves into a single narrative (basically the same as at the table, but a bit longer, since it involves combining actions from all players.) After the narrative, there will likely be further questions and calls to action. Player moves/rolls can be summarized at the end of the post. (These aren’t as much the focus, since you don’t get the same baited-breath-for-vital-roll effect in pbp.)

    Phew… 🙂

  6. Just out of curiosity what time zones are we in? I’m in MST agree with Dan’s suggestions and copy / paste a roller or GM rolls if the majority prefers that. Will read over the inspiration for flow and education on how it was played there

  7. I like Roll 20 as well as it has the roller and the chat log. But mobile may be limited depending on device and account type. Looking forward to it as well.

  8. Looks good!

    Blank canvas is prefered.

    EST. GM-4

    As for Tavern Keeper, i use mobile only and is why i suggested G+. Does Tavern Keeper notify you of posts and changes?


    Looking at Tavern Keeper, looks slick. However; it isnt as mobile friendly as i would hope. If everyone prefers Tavern Keeper, then I’ll just man up and use it, but if you all are ok with G+ then i would prefer it.

  9. Would i be able to play the Enchanter(v1.2)?

    It would fill the magic role, but wont step on the wizard’s toes if someone wants to play another magical character

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