9 thoughts on “Would it be possible to have more than monsters in the codex?”

  1. Here is a rewritten equipement/move from Mark Weiss (Cask of potions) in XML – it covers equipment and moves, and allows for equipment with moves. Let me know if this is the kind of model you were looking for.

    Satchel of potions

    The bottles in the casks are all brown and gray, their use forgotten a long time ago. Some of those potions might have gone bad or were not intended for human consumption



    When you drink a potion from the satchel of potions roll + CON

    It does what you think it should have done.

    It works and … Select one from the list below

    You get sick

    Expand one use

    You go blind

    It hurts bad

    Probably not what you were expecting at all.

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