Assassin (new Hireling Skill)

Assassin (new Hireling Skill)

Assassin (new Hireling Skill)

In the less wholesome steadings you can find gangs of cutthroats who will take a life for a price. These ruthless individuals are experts in the tools and dealings of death.

Poison Caddy – When you use a poison while an assassin is aiding you, add their skill to the next associated roll. Any consequences of dealing with the dangerous poison befall the assassin and not you.

Indebted to Death – When you roll Last Breath with an assassin at your side, take -1 forward to the roll. On a miss, Death claims the assassin instead of you.

4 thoughts on “Assassin (new Hireling Skill)”

  1. Very cool. Its interesting i have not seen, or even thought to myself make additional hirelings.

    Dont think i like the second move, but loving that Poison Caddy

  2. Robert Doe Yes, there’s some space there to explore I think. We established a particular seedy steading in my campaign so I came up with this as something the PCs could acquire there.

  3. I like the idea, but Poison Caddy has issues to me. That could be a +2 to +5 bonus to a roll with just the skill points a village hireling is suggested to have. A player with an Assassin hireling also ends up better than a thief with poison. Thieves get no bonus to using poison, and only get to avoid the hazards of one type. I think something like, “Assassins are masters of poison, and often infiltrate areas to administer their doses in secret. When your assassin aids you by poisoning an enemy, reduce their skill by one and apply the effect of any poison, applied or touch.” would be somewhat better.

    Definitely should be more hireling skills available, though. The base ones are good, but not all-encompassing.

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