Hey guys.

Hey guys.

Hey guys. How do you adapt a module from osr systems to work with dungeon world? Being that dungeon world is about playing to find out what happens and leaving blank spaces do you just set up the basic premise of the module and then plug in locations and npcs as needed? I kind of want to run expedition to the barrier peaks but not sure how to do it in DW. Thanks.

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  1. The advice in the book is really helpful. Basically you yank out the interesting bits from the module (characters, locations, plots, items, etc.), boil them down to their fictional components, then use those to structure a game.

  2. I’ve done it both ways described, and they both work well. The low-prep way is to just use the adventure and stat out the monsters on the fly. Once you get used to it, it’s super-easy. I’ve run Steading of the Hill Giant Chief, Caverns of Thracia, and Stonehell this way.

    The great thing about adapting as the DW rules suggest is that the more open structure allows the adventure to live and breathe beyond its original form. But it takes a little more work.

  3. Bardakus Maximus If I recall correctly, In Search of the Unknown requires, like, no conversion. It’s just map and background, right? No monsters, no plot, just an interesting place to explore and populate with dangers as you see fit. It’s like the ultimate example of drawing maps but leaving blanks. Totally DW-ready.

    Start them at the door, ask them questions about what they’ve heard and what they’re looking for, and incorporate the (limited) backstory the module provides. Generate threats and dangers on the fly based on what they give you to work with. Between sessions, work up a front or two based on what happened in session 1.

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