Throne of the Alasari

Throne of the Alasari

Throne of the Alasari

The throne is made of dark wood more black than brown. The frame is cut in smooth curving lines, never harsh or straight, which gives an alien sort of fashion. The wood is has hundreds of lines about a finger’s width swirling across the surface. An undefinable pattern, a maze for the eyes. Obviously well-crafted — although it doesn’t expound the gold and gems of the mighty kingdoms and it lies under a blanket of dust, it humbly carries authority. It had been forgotten, but not the people who sat before.

When you first sit in the throne an barrage of sensory images pound against your mind. The thoughts and emotions of others. All feeding on you, consuming you. Take 1d6 damage with WIS for your armor and take the stunned.

You can telepathically communicated to anyone in the vicinity.

You sense snippets of thoughts and feelings of those in the vicinity. Whenever you roll Parley or Defy Danger Charisma while sitting on the throne take + 1.

When you ask a question to someone who is in the vicinity with the intent to extract a true answer Roll + CHA

On 10+: the throne extracts the answer from their mind and gives it to you.

On a 7-9: the throne extracts some of the information.

On a 6-: the throne extracts false information (which you believe to be correct) and you take a -1 forward with the target.

(NOTE: the throne gives answers according to how the target perceives the world not how it actually is)

When you desire to take control of someone Roll + CHA

On a 10+ the target falls under your control. They will follow any orders you give them and will never try to hurt you in any way unless explicitly commanded. You can communicate to them wherever they may be. If any time the person dies while controlled under you dies, lower your total HP by one and take -1 forward.

On a 7-9 Like above except it will only last for a day.

On a 6- Lower your wisdom by 1 (permanently). The target can no longer be targeted by the throne. Increase the throne’s counter by 1. You gain hold equal to this counter. Spend 1 hold to use any of the thrones abilities on anyone you have either met or know their true name (they don’t need to be in the vicinity).

Throne Counter = 0

_“You lost it? How could you lose it?” Syra grimaced as she laid back in the throne. Fools, all of them were fools.

“I’m sorry mistress, they took it from me,” said a small man as he wiped away a trickle of sweat from his balding head.

She looked at her subjects in disgust. They thought they could hide their disloyalty to her. She knew, she could see it — Morace turning his head from side to side as he hurriedly hid the white stag pendant in his jacket. She could feel his greed mixed with guilt as he planned to sell it to the Thorvian merchants. It had been a hard year for him and with winter coming he wanted to stock up so his daughter had food for the long season. Of course, that was no excuse for him to disobey her, and to think he would sell it for a pittance of its true value.

“You think to hide your traitorous acts behind veils of lies?” She began to mutter the words of power and she felt her body fill with the magic and depart as Morace spasmed on the floor. Soon he was still, a trickle of white froth dripping from his mouth.

‘Rykee, retrieve the pendant’ she silently commanded. Her loyal bodyguard left her side and searched the pockets. He pulled out the pendant from the breast pocket and brought it to her. Syra smiled as she clutched the cold white stone figurine.

Her subjects were staring, and she could hear some of their murmurs, their fear. She waved for a couple servants to remove the body. “Let this be a lesson to you. Those who serve me well will be rewarded well and those who are disloyal… they will suffer the wrath of the Silent One.”_

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  1. It is initiated on the 6- with the control move. For example, a player attempts to take control of someone and rolls a 3. They add their CHA, which is 2, for a total of 5 (3 + 2 = 5; 5 <= 6) So, their wisdom score lowers by one and the throne counter increases by 1. The throne counter starts at 0 so 0 + 1 = 1. Then they gain hold equal to the throne counter, so the player gets 1 hold. This hold can be spent to use the throne's effect on anyone the player has previously meant or know their free name. This allows them to bypass the vicinity rule: The throne's powers only work on people in the vicinity. The next time they get a 6- the player's wisdom would lower by one and the throne counter would increase by 1 again (1 + 1 = 2), so they would get 2 hold this time.

    Yeah, I don’t know how well this item would work mechanically… I just wanted to create a puppeteer’s item. This is what came out. Lowering wisdom score is harsh, but I figured the ability to take control of people from a distance is very, very powerful.

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