12 thoughts on “I would be interested to hear the tavern’s reaction to this new DW actual play show.”

  1. Continued Update: Technocracy? Tbh i am not liking the GM, it just feels like he already has too much of an idea of what the world should be rather than taking things from the characters

  2. I can understand the desire to roll for everything, but some things you just don’t have to. Tying knots isn’t usually one of them.

    EDIT: I’m going to stop spamming your inbox with comments, and later on post an accumulated review with timestamps and comments.

  3. Mark Weiss Wait for it…there is an opposed strength roll between a PC and a monster and I said “Monsters have strength now?” but that was the only thing that confused me more than the lack of hard moves, failing forward, and XP on failures. I think I’m done now. Will watch again.

  4. Looks like a cool group. The Set is put together better than any others ive seen (nice feel to the atmosphere). However, the style of play feels more D&D than DW. There is nothing wrong with that, but if you dont go in knowing that then you can be thrown off a bit.

  5. As an video editor I could only watch about 10 seconds of this. The sound and video do not match. It’s INFURIATING to me.

    No idea what the rest of the content is, but the audio issue ruins it for me, too bad. Seems like they put some effort into it.

  6. Eric Lochstampfor I didn’t notice an audio problem, but I may just not have the eye for it.

    I skipped around a bit, and might try watching the whole thing through later. First impressions are that the set is very good, and I liked the people and the pacing. So many of these shows feel like watching golf. When I watch these shows, I want to feel engaged – like I’m hanging out on the couch with them, and I think this a good job of that.

    The DM could tighten up his knowledge of DW rules a bit and could allow the players more control over the world, but I thought the basic execution was fine and enjoyable to watch. (For instance, at one point a discern realities is rolled and the player got a 13. The DM didn’t let him ask his questions, but treated it like a perception roll in Pathfinder or D&D. And this may be a personal thing, but I feel like if a player rolls a 13 – they should discover something cool. Maybe not what they were looking for (secret door), but something.)

    Finally, this is a small thing but I think the show could majorly be improved adding subtitles and maps. I kept forgetting who each person was playing and I’d like to have seen the map the GM was using. Flashing those up on the screen would go a long way.

  7. Stacey Holiday

    I double checked it in some other web browsers (Safair, Firefox, Opera) and yeah the problem is the video and not me. I’d say the audio is about 6 to 12 frames ahead of the video (a fraction of a second). I’ve worked in video production for close to 20 years so I notice these things. INFURIATING! Such an easy thing to fix, too.

  8. I’m also wondering why the stoner reference is so obscure. If I knew for sure they were high I might be more forgiving of the rule issues.

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