4 thoughts on “Revised.”

  1. I want this to be cool, but wording is poor. So bad, that I gave up on picking out what all seemed broken..

    “bed of organic matter” sounds too broad to offer a reward like extra healing. Suggest it is just that no rations are consumed in that situation

    Personal preference: can you spare us the singing mushroom minion (fungal minstrel)? a bit unfitting fictionally.. and just odd without some flavor text about it

    Underdark Adapted: sounds like a license to kill anything if you can get it in a cave (at least, for those who would take it..). Don’t like that it removes drama from a situation of drama (hiding)

    Fungal Healing: how many times a day? this functions as infinity-heal without a limit. Why do I even need the mushie cave if I can spray spores that heal and I can target myself

  2. Mark Cleveland Massengale Constructive criticism, please. It is why I post on the site. This is a small revision to a much worked over CC from a year ago, which the Tavern at the time loved. Fungal Healing acts as the Clerical spell, as stated.

  3. Please spare me the guilt trip for the feedback I provided. I didn’t just say “it sucks” and walk away.

    Forgive me for pointing out flaws in the design (or Don’t, I guess- it was admittedly candid). However, if I can’t get through it even though I like your class, I figure I owe it to you to explain and to be honest

  4. Mark Cleveland Massengale You are entitled to your views and I’m looking for civility not guilt. These are drafts and I try to have a thick skin, but first time posters might be discouraged by too much “candor”. We are a community and should try to support as well as improve our members creations.

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