I finished the new playbook template and playkit!

I finished the new playbook template and playkit!

I finished the new playbook template and playkit! You can get the redesigned playkit (named Playkit Plus) with added race moves(16 new moves), reworked bonds, and other neat stuff over on DriveThruRPG. More details are in the product description, and there is a changelog linked in the playkit for anyone who wants the full scoop.


The new playbook template is a Google Doc, CC-BY, and comes is 8.5×11 and A4 size:

8.5×11 playbook template: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hF0WFHyVkPVv9Tmt1c6c-I0qyttR5gn3pGSvt38vyZs/edit?usp=sharing

A4 playbook template:


I can’t guarantee it will display right on your computer, Google Docs just is that way unfortunately.

I hope you all like the playkit and the template, and thanks to everyone who helped out by providing feedback.


18 thoughts on “I finished the new playbook template and playkit!”

  1. Chris Stone-Bush I never would have thought to unless someone here on the Tavern told me to. Was that you? I forget who. But, yeah, I’m surprised it isn’t done more. I’ll try and release everything that way from now on.

  2. love these!

    about to start a new game with 4 newbies so these will be hitting the table this weekend 😀


    1. THANK YOU FOR A4!


  3. FYI, If the circles for STR, DEX, etc. look like moons now in your copies of the template, it is because the unicode images updated on your computer. It just happened to me with a windows update. The “new moon” used to be plain circles, and were a little bigger than the unicode for large circles, which is why I used them. Anyway, I’ve updated the templates to use a different unicode image of a large circle, which is just slightly smaller and shouldn’t ever change. Live and learn.

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