Ghost Killer (Dungeon World Compendium Class) 1.0d

Special Thanks to Eric Lochstampfor!

If you survive an encounter with a powerful form of incorporeal undead you may take the following move when you next level up:

You are a Ghost Killer. You may attack incorporeal creatures as if they had a solid form. You also gain the ability to cast all the clerical rotes.

Once you’ve taken the moves above the following moves count as class moves for you. In addition to your normal list of moves you may choose from this list when you level up:

Mind Immunity: You are immune to any undead mental “special attacks” or abilities such as paralysis, mind control, vampiric charm or possession.

Scholar of Unlife: You may turn undead as if you were a cleric.

Ghost Slayer: All attacks against incorporeal monsters do double damage.

Graveyard Sight: You can detect invisible creatures and have Infravision.

2 thoughts on “Title”

  1. Can I suggest a small tweak to the first move? “You may attack incorporeal creatures as if they had a solid form (explain how you do that).”

    Such a question is arguably implicit about every ability in Dungeon World, but it might be nice to call it out explicitly here.

    I was originally going to suggest something more specific like “If you have time and appropriate materials, you may prepare a weapon so that it can strike incorporeal creatures,” but I realised that would make it useful only for characters that attack with weapons. Also, it’s generally better for the player to come up with the explanations of their character’s abilities.

  2. Robert Rendell I like to keep things a little vague for other GMs different Dungeon Worlds, but the reason is part of the “Ghost Killer” now inhabits the “ghost” dimension and can reach and harm creatures that inhabit that plane. It is the reverse of what ghosts do; the movie old Patrick Swayze”Ghost” explained it very well.

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