Ghostbane Quiver

Ghostbane Quiver

Ghostbane Quiver

An ancient quiver of alabaster, ringed with rusted over iron. The arrows within this quiver have existed since ghost themselves. Found only in the tombs of ancient Nobles and Emperors, terracotta soldiers stand guard to protect their masters from any would be necromancers or revenants who would dare disturb their eternal rest. The quiver’s headless arrows are fashioned and feathered with petrified wood. Though ineffective against the living, an arrow from these quivers can strike down even the mightiest of the Night’s monsters.

1 Weight

3 Ammo

-1 damage


Gain tag “Ignore armor” and +1 damage against undead targets. Carving the name of the undead on the arrow’s shaft will cause it to instantly kill the target, or deal double damage to particularly strong individuals.

*Just a fun history fact: The Chinese believed that stone weapons and armor were the only thing that could affect a ghost, hence why the first Emperor made The Terracotta Army. To be his army in the afterlife.

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  1. This is a bit of awesome. Since my players just went up against apparitions this week and were suitably cowed by it, I’m sure they would appreciate finding some of these at some point.

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