The Crystalline Tears 0 Weight

The Crystalline Tears 0 Weight

The Crystalline Tears 0 Weight

And Angels’ Grief from Heaven spilled,

To Mortal Realm in silent shower.

Twice ten times thirty-three and six,

For deeds wrought by Hadraniel.

A finger-length multifaceted spike of translucent cerulean crystal. Apocryphal texts say they are the frozen tears of Angels, fallen to earth as the Heavenly Hosts wept over the destruction of the Seraphgate. Those who bear a Tear in their flesh are granted a trickle of divine power and visions of Paradise.

When you drive a Crystalline Tear into your skull, your soul is permanently affixed to your physical body. You is flesh inviolate and Death can not claim you. If the Tear is ever removed, you become mortal once more.

When you begin a session with one or more Crystalline Tears in your skull, the GM will give you a vision of The Paradise Yet To Come, then roll+WIS. On a 7+, you mark XP at the end of the session if you worked towards making your vision a reality. On a 10+, you take +1 ongoing when acting to make your vision a reality.

When you drive the six hundred and sixty sixth Crystalline Tear into your skull, you shed your mortal coil in a terrible blaze of radiance and ascend to the Celestial Realm.

7 thoughts on “The Crystalline Tears 0 Weight”

  1. 666th eh? I guess it’s not working off traditional notions of 666 being an evil number then. Which is fine, since it’s fantasy and not Christian role playing lol. So what happens to someone with one of these in their head when they hit 0 hit points? Do they just fall unconscious? What if they died being eaten by a giant monster? I like the idea of something like this and am just curious to know some more about it.

  2. It’s intentionally vague Scott Selvidge. 😉

    But I figure a being with one or more of these jammed into their head can’t die. That’s it. They do nothing to keep your body intact, nothing to stop the pain from the digestive juices of a monster’s gut, nothing to preserve your body against sickness or rot.

    In other words, if you’re not careful you’ll end up as a divine zombie.

  3. So you get to spend your eternal life as a skull that is alive, but has no tongue, eyes, or eardrums to experience or communicate with anything unless someone either collects the rest of the tears and puts them in the skull or pulls all of yours out. That would be a horrible fate lol

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