Nature’s Shroud (Armor)

Nature’s Shroud (Armor)

Nature’s Shroud (Armor)

This Brass Cloak Pin is adorned with a sky blue Zircon. A magic cloak, resembling the foliage around it forms with the change of every season, perfectly measured to fit the wearer at the time. Despite being made of leaves, branches, and flora, this cloak is capable of stopping attacks even steel armor would struggle against. Should the cloak be set to flames it will manifest itself anew at the start of the next season, so long as someone wears the pin.

0 Weight

2 Armor

Nature’s Mirror

At the start of a new season, the pin will form a new cloak, its appearance a reflection of the plants and foliage around it.

4 thoughts on “Nature’s Shroud (Armor)”

  1. Glad you like it, I had 2 different dungeon world games with the same players. And the pin was in the second game, as a reference to his first character. He wore a cloak of leaves for his camouflage move.

  2. I love it, I hope the zircon is intended as the weak spot in the camouflage. I would probably not give it armour as well, but that’s me.

  3. Matt Horam That’s what it was in our game. The Zircon was just meant to represent the sky. And it was very noticeable, and couldn’t really be used as camouflage on its own. It was just Ranger/Druid friendly magic armor.

    That doesn’t mean other people have to follow the rules of the item exactly. It’s simply a resource, wither it be to use in your own games, or a base to inspire new creations.

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