I’ll put this in the “Miscellaneous Resources” category…

I’ll put this in the “Miscellaneous Resources” category…

I’ll put this in the “Miscellaneous Resources” category…

Any Class Warfare experts out there? Johnstone Metzger , you around? A question about Disciples. The Devotion move all Disciples get specifies they pick three spheres of influence. The Embodiment specialties has a move that says to pick a particular sphere of influence, and then its casting move says you can cast spells “from your sphere of influence”.

The way I am interpreting this is that all Disciples (e.g. at least two Disciple specialty) characters have three spheres of influence they have special knowledge of, but the specifics about which spells they can cast are determined by the speciality specific moves. So in the case of an Embodiment, they have three specialities with special knowledge (from Devotion) but only one sphere they can cast spells from. In fact, that one special sphere might even be different from the three chosen for Devotion.

Does that sound right?

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  1. i always hated the Devotion move, except for the “choose a code of tenets that you live by” other than that it just conflicts with some of the specialties. But i would love to know if there is a use for it.

  2. Mark Weiss I’ve been assuming that the “special insight” granted by Devotion will matter in the game as it seems to matter, essentially negotiated between player and GM as the game progresses. I think the only confusion I have is the overlap of the term “sphere of influence” between Devotion and the specialty specific moves.

  3. Yeah, you got it right. The Devotion move is for fictional positioning only, and helps you flesh out your character’s philosophy in a way that jives with the rules but also helps the table know what your particular disciple knows about. Like, if you’re a thief, we know what kind of stuff you are good at when it comes time for the GM to give you an opportunity based on your class, so that’s what that move is for (and why you might want to choose less than 3 spheres to know about, if only 1 or 2 fit your character concept).

    The Embodiment move Sphere of Influence is independent of that. So you could be granted the spells of Animals, for example, but only be knowledgeable about Judgment and Revelation. You have received a special power from the Divine (or whatever) and you are obviously tasked to discover it for yourself and use it to further your spiritual progress.

    Or you could pick one that you do know about and play a character more certain of their own abilities.

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