5 thoughts on “New Dungeon World Starter: The Lichway”

  1. I know the original scenario (from the White Dwarf). I ran it several times, but surprisingly not in Dungeon World. Now it will be easier for me! Thanks, good adaptation. 🙂

  2. Mark Weiss This starter was inspired by a famous, very old mini-dungeon in the 1978 British D&D magazine #9 White Dwarf by the late, great Abie Fore. It also inspired Raggi’s famous Death,Frost, Doom.

  3. Whao this feels really great. I never really understood these Dungeon Starters until now. The Susurrus is a horrible and utterly alien monster, while the Zombie horde is just brutal. The magical items are characterful and unique. I can already envision playing in this dungeon…

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