8 thoughts on “So this came up..”

  1. It’s actually in the book somewhere that you get all of them as a package deal. Check out the chapter that goes into detail on the multiclass moves

  2. You have to watch this move though, it can easily make a character that is over powerful and can steal the cleric/wizard spotlight if you have someone already playing that class.

  3. I have. The character was so powerful that the person playing it voluntarily decided to take another move instead. The Fighter/Wizard combo I basically consider a Gestalt build and would only allow it for very small parties that don’t already have a wizard.

  4. Stacey Holiday Thanks! And good on the player for voluntarily rewriting their character when they realised they were messing with other people’s fun.

    I wonder if there would be some way to make the multiclassing moves interesting without being overpowering… maybe simply restricting them to only allow you to take advanced moves from other classes, rather than starting moves. Dunno.

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