Neshog’s Coin

Neshog’s Coin

Neshog’s Coin

Neshog, The Goblin Trickster, was said to have a coin that obeyed his commands, and would display heads or tails at his whim. Whoever holds this coin may flip it and cover it, and whichever side you wish to appear does.

When you use Neshog’s Coin to win something, Roll CHA+.

On a 10+, the loser believes he lost fair and square.

On 7-9, choose one:

You take -1 ongoing against the loser in future parleys.

You draw unwanted attention to yourself. The GM will tell you how.

The coin loses its enchantment until the following dawn.

5 thoughts on “Neshog’s Coin”

  1. It’s not a problem. If the player wants to use it once a day, it works as directed. If they think they might need it again, they have a dilemma.

  2. I dont think anyone would get suspicious losing one coin toss. But if it happens over and over then the person is asking for trouble! Its a cool item but I dont think it needs the custom move. After several successive wins I would have the user Defy Danger with CHA.

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