Mouse Guard

Mouse Guard

Mouse Guard

I’m attempting to write Fronts for a Mouse Guard mission from the core rulebook. The guidance provided is very nice and suggests selecting two obstacles of the four provided (weather, wilderness, animals, mice).

I continue to struggle with Fronts and appreciate any feedback.

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Find the Grain Peddler

I’m attempting to adapt the classic sample mission from the core rulebook. While “threats” are nice, I do like the idea of using the great advice about mission design and obstacles (i.e., wilderness, weather, animals, mice) as fronts. So here are the Wilderness and Mice fronts I’ve drafted for this mission. Please do comment – I’m still new to DW and MG.

Front: Against the wild (wilderness)

Danger: The woodlands themselves

Impulse: To grow wild and devour civilization

Impending doom: The trail is lost to encroaching flora and fauna

Grim portents

* undergrowth and broken branches from a recent storm make travel difficult

* the ravine has swollen with recent rains and a new crossing must be found

* A nearby milk snake expands its territory over the trail and threatens travelers.

Front: Secrets of Lockhaven defenses revealed (mice)

Danger: The spy-mouse among us

Impulse: To deceive and betray

Impending doom: Enemies of Lockhaven learn of its defenses and weaknesses

Grim portents:

* safely cross the ravine

* traverse the woodlands unmolested by predators

* successfully deliver the map


* will the spy encounter the Snake?

* will the guard find the map?

* will the cart survive the journey?

* will the players catch the spy and learn of the ploy?

Note that I see the Snake as a predator that could play into either/both fronts and it’s burrow could be a custom move.

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