Hola! I’m looking for info on Campaign Fronts. I’ve read some great examples and info on Adventure Fronts. But would like more info/tips/advice for Campaign Fronts. Especially managing them during an ongoing campaign. Like, transitioning unchecked Dangers from completed Adventure Fronts. And managing fronts’ progress in the background when players don’t choose to interact with them.

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  1. I think the notion of “campaign” vs “adventure” fronts is somewhat artificial to facilitate shifting thinking from D&D to DW. Fronts may differ in scope and in how long you keep record, but are mechanically very much the same.

    There was a great episode of the Discern Realities podcast wherein they discussed front creation and management, but I wasn’t able to track it down through the show notes. Regardless, I recommend this entire podcast wholeheartedly. Also, the Gauntlet Community in general, for DW and PbtA gaming support/ideas:


  2. Thanks Matthew. DW core talks about shifting adventure fronts to campaign fronts, and vice versa. So I was curious if anyone maybe created Hard Moves for these, or applied any other treatment to the process.

  3. Johnn Four: really, dig into the Discern Realities podcast. They dove into the fact that Fronts came out of a very particular time in the Apocalypse World mindset and started out quite formalized. Now, people may be very comfortable with the notion of Fronts and usually cook them up on an as-needed basis.

    Myself, I think of campaign fronts like the BBEG’s nefarious plans and adventure fronts like dungeon/location agendas in the flavour of Keep on the Borderlands.

  4. Matthew G. That was Discern Realities episode 22: https://plus.google.com/u/0/108530078404383929502/posts/STuCSbL6qVu

    Johnn Four My understanding is that moving things between adventure fronts and campaign fronts was something the GM did between sessions. Basically, if the players engaged with an adventure front and more or less dealt with it, the GM could think about it after the session. If there were some loose ends, they might tie those into an existing campaign front, or perhaps even create a new campaign front if the loose ends were something significant like the adventure front’s Big Bad escaping.

    The decision to bring the elements of a campaign front into an adventure front happen if the players want to start actively engaging with those things and/or the GM thinks that it’s time, which could happen between sessions or at the table.

  5. Johnn Four This is a good discussion to have on-going as fronts can be tricky and I think we could all benefit. If people are willing, how about we build some fronts in this post?

  6. I’ve got a big demon plot going. But I think it’s a campaign front, because the Dangers have such big scope each could be their own Adventure Front.

  7. Seems right. I’m going to follow the directions in the DW book and ask you questions, see how that goes. Let’s start with the cast, it seems you have a demon already, is it the head of an order or working alone? Who else is involved?

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