I wrote before that I would make World of Dungeons versions of the #Stonetop classes and bow I have.

I wrote before that I would make World of Dungeons versions of the #Stonetop classes and bow I have.

I wrote before that I would make World of Dungeons versions of the #Stonetop classes and bow I have. I gave most of the classes a slightly different wording of their “Skill” to differentiate such classes as the original thief and the stonetop Fox. For abilities, I chose four moves from each playbook that are simple and work well with the simple game. I believe that these slimmed down classes will allow people to play their stonetop classes and games but in a much simpler, lighter fashion. Parentheses are skills and abilities come after.

Heavy(brawn) muscle-bound, payback, relentless, frosty, made of wood.

Fox(trickery) sneaky, on the move, perfect instincts, nothing up my sleeves.

Marshall(leadership) shield wall, battlefield grace, setup strike, we happy few.

Ranger(woodcraft) on the hoof, big game hunter, camouflage, constant vigilance.

The Blessed(awareness) wild speech, herbalist, heedless stride, into the lions den.

Lightbearer(invigorate) lamplighter, inner fire, light more light, light a candle against the dark.

Judge(interpret) breaking of the bread, mighty rampart, censure, many hands make light work.

Seeker(arcane secrets) everything bleeds, magpie, sage advice, readied action, polyglot.

The would be hero(hide) better part of valor, never going to keep me down, underestimated, inquiring minds.

Some stats may need to be halved in the damage or damage reduction department but apart from that I think this works. Hope people like and enjoy these. #DungeonWorld #WorldofDungeons

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  1. This is awesome!!!!! If you actually write one-liner descriptions of every ability, I’ll feel like it’s christmas. WOD is so fucking class!

  2. ramonthe3rd All the move descriptions can be found in their respective playbooks by Jeremy Strandberg. The moves are simple but difficult to copy down all the text to describe them. Found it easier to memorize them or use online reference or write on back of character sheet.

  3. Gerard Snow It took me some time


    muscle-bound: your attacks are forceful and messy

    payback: +1d4 damage after a foe attacks your allies

    relentless: +1d4 damage to a foe you’ve already attacked

    frosty: Treat a 6 like a 7-9 when resisting fear, doubt, chaos or pain

    made of wood: +1 fucking armor


    sneaky: Youre sneaky as you can get

    on the move: +1 when avoiding a danger by moving gracefully or fast

    perfect instincts: after analyzing a situation, you can re-roll once any roll regarding it.

    nothing up my sleeves: You can hide anything on yourself, no amount of searching can find it.


    shield wall: Defending tactics for +1 armor, +1 ongoing.

    battlefield grace: ignore damage by taking a debility when in battle

    setup strike: allies do +1d6 damage if you attacked the same target last turn

    we happy few: Inspire your men to get 3 tokens: Double damage, Shake off damage and Stand against fear.


    on the hoof: forage for 1d6 rations

    big game hunter: hit a weak spot of a large creature for +1d6 damage

    camouflage: You can never be spotted when hidden still while in nature.

    constant vigilance: You can always react to a threat, even distracted or asleep.

    The Blessed(awareness)

    wild speech: you can speak with animals and spirits

    herbalist: forage for poultices and medicines

    heedless stride: You know how to walk without leaving traces.

    into the lions den: beasts wont attack you if you dont scare them, you can attempt to calm them.


    lamplighter: light flammable things with a whisper

    inner fire: half damage from cold and fire; darkvision

    light more light: consecrate a light to raise the range of light by a step

    light a candle against the dark: Raise a holy light for +2 armor, only if you’re unarmed


    breaking of the bread: share a meal for 1d8 hp each

    mighty rampart: when you defend people they get +2 armor

    censure: In your presence, corrupt beings deal 1d4 damage less or suffer 1d4 damage more

    many hands make light work: +1 when you aid or are aid.

    Seeker(arcane secrets)

    everything bleeds: d10 damage when exploiting sb’s weaknesses

    magpie: you can craft anything from adventuring gear

    sage advice: When you give advice they take +1

    readied action: +1 to a reaction you’ve planned ahead.

    polyglot: you speak ANYTHING

    The would be hero(hide)

    better part of valor: +1 to sneak and run when outnumbered or facing a bigger foe

    never going to keep me down: +1 ongoing when 5 hp or less

    underestimated: Noone sees you as a threat, +1 when you surprise someone with your heroicity

    inquiring minds: +1 when you follow somebody’s sincere advice

  4. If your interested, I’ve been posting about five or six homemade world of Dungeons classes on the community. They include Elf, Dwarf, Hobbit, Orator(or scholar), Craftsman(or wanderer), and fistfighter. Ask and I’ll reshare them to you.

  5. ramonthe3rd Here you go. They might need a bit of tweaking, but it’s a start.

    Wanderers get Navigation as their skill. Choose two special abilities. 1Mend (Can attempt to repair tools, armor, weapons, or trinkets). 2Apothecary (You can make a salve, brew, or poison, describe it). 3Craftsman (You know and ply a common trade and carry the tools you need). 4Artefact/Trinket (You’ve found a special object in your travels. Say how you found it and choose a description. Artefact:. Strange, invaluable and powerful. Trinket: Many uses, easily portable, and no serious danger.

    Fistfighters get Evasion as their skill. Choose two special abilities. 1Swipe (when rushing by, you may attempt to take something right out of someone’s hand). 2Vicious (you can strike armored opponents at weak points, dealing full damage and block/deflect weapons with your limbs). 3Lunge (Expose yourself to harm but deal 2x damage). 4 In control (Once a day, turn partial success into full success). 5Streetfighter

    (+1 ongoing when your outnumbered, or outgunned). 6Elusive (-1d6 damage when focusing on defense over offense and are unarmed and have no shield or armor)

  6. navigation and evasion as skills seem perfect.

    What I would do is mixing Mend+Craftsman (as the latter is not very likely to get much real use in game) and separate the Trinket skill into two: Powerful, but dangerous trinket and Humble, versatile trinket.

    On the fistfighter, maybe take out Swipe (too weak compared with the others, also easily proxyed by a DEX save in case of need) and elusive.

    Anyhow, is a cool job, World of dungeons is too cool and i’m always glad to see I’m not the only one who is constantly hacking it. I’ll probably keep your ideas for future inspiration!!

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