Has anyone made playbooks for a DW version of Gamma World?

Has anyone made playbooks for a DW version of Gamma World?

Has anyone made playbooks for a DW version of Gamma World? Obviously AW covers post-apocalyptic play, but I’m thinking of a game closer to the Gamma World that was based on 4E D&D.

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  1. Adventures on Dungeon Planet has a Mutant playbook. And it’s fairly good for pulpy science fantasy in general. (The Earthling would also probably make a solid pure-blooded human playbook, I think.)

  2. I made a halfhearted stab at this at one point, trying to get to the slightly zany vibe of that very version of Gamma World, but it kinda fell by the wayside

  3. I don’t think Broken World is ever going to happen. I’ve been watching that one for a long time. Almost no progress is being made.

    It’s creator mentions health issues (sleep apnea) often. Meanwhile, it’s hard to imagine he hasn’t spent the money already, and there’s still much to do. If it does get finished, there’s still the printing and delivery.

    I’ve given up on it. It funded August 30, 2014. The estimated delivery date on the books was April 2015. Yet there seems to be little progress made, or being made.

    I’ve resigned to wait for Apocalypse World 2nd edition which will release between now and the end up September.

  4. I spent a lot of time thinking about a PbtA Gamma World hack, and a fair bit of time trying to organize those thoughts into something concrete, but in the end it’s all still ideas.

    So, if your looking for something near-finished, i am of no help. But if you’re working on something yourself, i’d be happy to chat about it or give feedback or whatever.

  5. I think the newest edition of Gamma World is a good model to emulate. Characters were the result of two different “origins” combined to build a single mutant. I imagine you could write up each origin as a sort of half-playbook and then combine them to build a single “class”, in much the same way you combine two or three “specialties” to build custom classes using Johnstone Metzger’s “Class Warfare”.

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