Ok, break it down for me.  I have heard that the movie: Indiana Jones: Raider’s of the Lost Arc has tons of examples…

Ok, break it down for me.  I have heard that the movie: Indiana Jones: Raider’s of the Lost Arc has tons of examples…

Ok, break it down for me.  I have heard that the movie: Indiana Jones: Raider’s of the Lost Arc has tons of examples of the 7-9 result on actions.  So, let’s go through it.  I watched it last night.  So tell me, describe the scene and action as if it were in a DW game, what are the 6-,  7-9, and 10+ results?  (Challenge Presented)

I think if we could get a full accounting of the movie it can then be re-ordered and put in chronological order, with some pics from the movie.

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  1. Let’s Start with Opening Scene: first action:

    GM: Ok Indie, you are in the jungle looking for the lost temple.  You hear a click behind you, What do you do?

    Player: Can I tell were or what the click was from? 

    GM: Not even going to make you roll, Yes it was from behind you, sounds like a gun being cocked.

    Player: Ok, I whirl around and use my whip to disarm the person holding the gun.

    GM: Ok, (GM thinks it is a good Hack&Slash) Roll+STR.

    Player: Ok, I got a 10+

    GM: Ok, Indie, your whip swings out and snaps at the gun wrapping around it briefly pulling it out of the person’s hands, the gun falls into the river but goes off on the ground.

    Ok, not a great example but it was the first action from Indiana Jones in the movie.

  2. Ok, so first in the movie was the Bullwhip.  The next in the system would be a Spout Lore, perhaps.

    Before entering the dungeon he takes a bag and fills it with sand.

  3. “Indy, the door is closing, you’ll be trapped on this side forever!”

    “I jump the pit”

    “You make it to the other side by grabbing a vine.”


    “Unfortunately the vine is loose and starts spooling out”

    “What!? But I…”

    “It holds but the door is almost closed.”

    “I sprint for the door and slide under it.”

    “You just make it through the door, almost leaving your precious whip behind.”

    “Awesome! Almost out of this crazy place. Now I’ve just got to get that idol back”

  4. Jeremy Riley  I like it.

    But earlier:

    GM: Ok, Indy, you managed to remember that this band of natives used pressure plates as a common defense.  The cavern opens up and you see a large room with the golden idol in the center.  What do you do?

    Player:  Something is not right here, I examine the floor carefully and look at the room with an eye for traps.

    GM: Ok, roll+Int (for Decern Realities)

    Player: Got a 10.

    GM: Ok so you find that there are spots cleverly hidden on the floor that are pressure plates of some kind..

    Player: I take a torch and press down on it.

    GM: A poison dart shoots from the wall out of one of the carved faces, it hits the torch with a Thwug! sound.

    Player: I make may way carefully avoiding the pressure plates up to the Idol.

    GM: roll+Dex (for Defy Danger).

    Player: Got an 8.

    GM: (Makes a note to have a Move that his hireling is getting greedy. Soft Move.)  You make it to the front of the idol, it takes a bit.  Your hirling watches closely at your advanced, he is very concerned for your safety.

    Player: Glad I took the sand.  Ok, I judge how heavy the Idol is.  It could be hollow, It might be solid.

    GM: Oh, roll+Wis (for Decern Reality)

    Player: Oh man, I got a 7.

    GM: Ok, you see the surface start to sink after a moment.  You feel a rumbling all around.  You can run fast and hope that the darts are quick or you can take your time, You need to act quick.

    Player: Damn, If I only had my knife, I could Jam it and keep it from sinking.  Ok, I move quickly, as quick as I can running to avoid the ceiling from smashing into me.

    GM: roll+Dex (Defy Danger)

    Player: All, Right, I got a 10.  Mind if I narrate it?

    GM: Sure.

    Player: I run very fast, darts shoot out of the mouths on the walls, narrowly missing me.

    GM: Ok, great stuff.  You get out of the collapsing room but there is still rumbling all round the whole place feels like it is coming down.  Your hireling has proceeded you across the pit with your whip.  “Throw me the Idol!” he says.

    Player: “Throw me the Whip.”  I am still his employer, I am going to try to stress to him the dangerous situation and get him to throw me the whip.

    GM: Ah, you have no leverage and he knows it.  Go ahead and try a roll+Cha

    Player: Damn, my worst stat: rolled a 5

    GM: You throw him the idol and he lets the whip drop. (The earlier Move kicks in of the greedy hireling. If a 7-9 was rolled he may have tossed the whip and ran but not the case)

    Continues to the pit jump.

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