+1/-1 Coins for +1/-1 forwards – for use at the table.

+1/-1 Coins for +1/-1 forwards – for use at the table.

+1/-1 Coins for +1/-1 forwards – for use at the table.

I usually use name tags and sit little markers on them to keep track of +1 forwards. But it’s occurred to me that it would be better to hand out coins / tokens to that effect so that the players affected can see and remember their bonus.

After all, +1 forwards is a bit like a Bennie from Savage Worlds. It’s there for a little boost and then spent. But it really helps to have some system to keep track of it – especially when you have a caster in the group who is accumulating penalties and bonuses all the time.

Does anyone know of a game that already has +1/-1 tokens? I could simply order spare parts for them and that would be very easy.

Otherwise I may invest in having some bespoke coins made – perhaps with bigger ones for +1 ongoing. I’d probably have to order in bulk, so if anyone else is interested let me know.

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  1. I saw some on shapeways for magic the gathering. But there were a lot of them and cost around $50 so.. not sure if that would be the best. You could also get some of those colored glass stones. Just tell your group red means -1 and blue means +1 or whatever.

  2. Aaron Steed​​ I’m a fan of using tokens instead of scratching on paper, but using a token for +/-1 forward never occurred to me. I’m looking forward to try it out.

    Nick Nunes​ I don’t have Fate tokens, but with your inspiration I’ve finally found a good use for my dusty Fate dice. The blank side could be used for hold.

  3. Actually, I had a thought, use Fudge Dice.  They have a + or a – or nothing on their faces.  You can buy them in different colors to signify what Move you have it for and a wild color for a +1/-1 to anything.  Fudge Dice can usually be found in any gaming store.  The other option is to use poker chips and put a little sticker on each side, a +1 or a -1. 

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