11 thoughts on “Some critters from America that fit right into Dungeon World”

  1. Jersey Devil (Solitary, Planar, Terrifying)

    Hooves (w[2d10] damage 1 piercing) 12 HP (1 armor)

    Close, Reach

    Special Qualities: Unholy seer

    Allegedly the thirteenth offspring of the ‘Witch’ Leeds and Satan as a father the little tyke was born sometime around 1735. After his blessed arrival he immediately turned into the “Jersey Devil”. The Jersey Devil apparently sprang into being full sized with a goat head, bat wings, horse’s hooves, and a bifurcated tail. The Jersey Devil is like a banshee, a occult creature that acts as an omen for coming disaster. It will provide knowledge that only serves to drive its hearer to their own destruction, like the witches in Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Instinct: Ill omen


    Has terrible occult knowledge

    Promises doom

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