Halwyr in the Valley Of The Titans, AP #2

Halwyr in the Valley Of The Titans, AP #2

Halwyr in the Valley Of The Titans, AP #2

This AP is written by one of my players, in the voice of his character, Halwyr the Wizard, with only minor edits and comments by me. Warning, it’s long. 😉 Commencing copy-paste!

“After trekking across the Valley of the Titans towards the “City above the Labyrinth” we discovered a lot about ourselves and each other. For example, Halwyr the wizard makes an excellent football, while Flobee the Paladin can be easily tricked into healing Titans who throw Halwyr like a football. It was a strange night…

Dringa, our guide from the village was distraught when we came across a village that had been flattened – literally – by a Titan who likes to stomp things. We didn’t see a lot of bodies, but there were a few and these were friends to Dringa. As we searched for the landmarks that would take us to the City, we came across a group of villagers that were clearly carrying everything they owned. [The quartermaster rolled badly. -JW]

We offered them our food and rations (because, you know…Flobee). And as they were telling us about the Stomping Titan who tried to kill them all, Flobee promised to protect them and slay the titan. (Hey, it worked last time…). Of course stomp, stomp, stomp…here he comes now. /sigh

He laughed heartily as Flobee informed him of his impending death. Halwyr got smushed under his ginormous feet and when he tried to defend himself, the Titan picked him up and threw him across the valley. Fortunately, he was able to divert his magical energies to buffet his fall. Meanwhile, Rill noticed that the Titan’s wings were crippled by old injuries. So she convinced Flobee to work together to heal the Titan so that he would leave the valley in peace and thereby protect the villagers.

There was poor Halwyr, abused and misused, charging back into the fray, quarterstaff held high, ready to strike, a warcry on his lips as he crests the rise… only to see Flobee and Rill patting the Titan gently and bandaging him up…Unfortunately, Halwyr does not yet know how to turn people into toads…but soon. Very soon…

We camped with the villagers who were so grateful for our assistance that they provided us with some…uh gifts. The elder presented Flobee with a wooden box full of his ear wax. Yeah, you heard me. Magic ear wax. He’s been collecting it for like 30 years. Apparently if you drip it into someone’s ear, they are compelled to fully answer 3 questions truthfully. Halwyr has taken to staying up on Watch most of the night…

Rill received a large pewter coin with the power to prevent death one time. And Halwyr received a book with 5 blank pages in it. Yeah, I know. Halwyr had a rough night…

(Ok, apparently the pages are magical and if you fold them into animal shapes, they become giant paper animals. I mean it’s cool and all, and it’s better than ear wax. But it’s not like a Coin of Defying Death or anything…).

Anyway, middle of the night, Halwyr goes to wake Flobee for his Watch shift, but he’s gone. We find him wandering around in the desert. As we try to wake him, we’re attacked by the undead shadows that are trying to convert him to one of them! Man, if that Paladin hadn’t one-shotted a Titan the other day, I tell ya…

Anyway, Rill finally turns the undead and Halwyr tackles the idio…Paladin, before he gets too far. So yeah, Flobee’s cursed. Lovely. When we get to the City the next day, we determine that Halwyr can cast a ritual to cure Flobee, but we need this Nannorian thingy – basically the jewel heart of a Titan. Awesome! Cuz we didn’t just kill one 3 days out and could have killed another yesterday, right? No, we learn this NOW. So we gotta go find another one and then figure out a way to kill it too.

Freaking Flobee…

So then we find out that there’s this “Order” who “administer” the City. And what they mean is that they round up trouble makers and sacrifice them to the Labyrinth so that it doesn’t come alive and eat the whole city!

So we’re trying to figure out how to get in to the Labyrinth, where we believe this Angelic Sword is, when this guy Cameron convinces Flobee to rescue his friends being held by The Order for sacrifice the next day. So that’s where we stopped. I do hope this Angelic Sword inside the Labyrinthe is worth it. Cuz Flobee is really getting under Halwyr’s skin. On the plus side, we’ve almost convinced the Paladin that a sun tattoo on his ass would be COOOOLLLL. :)”

Sabe Jones 

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  1. I really enjoyed the lonely-fun process of taking the players’ answers from the first session, and coming up with all the backstory for the valley, the war of the gods, and the crawling labyrinth. The starter is full of evocative detail. Now I can’t wait for them to uncover it all 🙂

    Next session is tomorrow!

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