Glass Golem

Glass Golem

Glass Golem

(Solitary, Construct, Devious)

Jagged Fists (d8, close, hand)

4HP, 1 Armor

Instinct: Attack intruders with suicidal fury

What kind of a mad man makes a golem out of glass? The same kind that hollows the golem out and fills it with highly toxic gas, that’s who! Often made of black onyx to hide the surprise inside, glass golems are often used by wizards as traps or to defend something in a small enclosed area. It’s said the Archamge Zillia Vexx made several that were filled with odorless, colorless gas that was explosive and always kept them near braziers. Sadly that technique was lost when her tower burned to the ground after a small earthquake.

-Shatter and fill the room with deadly gas

9 thoughts on “Glass Golem”

  1. Almost as devious as a Stained Glass Golem in a Church.  I remember back in the day I had a Wizard that had a habit of making hollow glass daggers and filled them with poison.  You stab, break off the dagger inside them.  It made the old AD&D restriction on a Wizard of nearly no useful weapons bearable.  He was a mean spirited Wizard.

    But, I the Golem.  Creative Golems are great.  A rope Golem on a ship is nasty.  A Dust Golem in a Mummy Tomb, or a Wrapping Golem.  They think that the Mummy is a Mummy monster, instead it is a Golem.

  2. Glass has a lot of amazing uses.  Very Sharp, rings when cast into a bell.  Magnify and focus light: yes for fire or for stunningly bright light.  If it is firber optic quality then it transmits light with very little loss, so could be very good at illusions.  Silver back it and you have a mirror.  If made into a prism it can split light.

    Here is the kicker:  What is it designed to do?  A statue of opaque glass is not going to focus the light.  One that is built like a prism (at least in spots) is not going to be smooth, If used as a sword, that sword may be good for only one hit before shattering.  Slicing is good but skill would be needed.  Can the glass change shape?  Then it could make illusions by refracting the light in a flexible manor, even invisibility!  And if it can change shape it could be focused to burn someone.  Slicing things like flesh, cloth, even leather would not be out of the ordinary.  But the Golem would not be good over time as glass keeps moving as a liquid but very slowly. (ever see a 100+ year old house’s windows).  So there are lots of things you could do with it BUT this being DW we should keep much of it simple and a part of the fiction rather than a part of mechanics.

  3. The formatting is that of a creature.  Wouldn’t a Trap that moves be considered a creature?  It doesn’t seem to matter too much in either case.  The mechanics are similar enough.  You would run it as another golem.  It would attack.  The explosive gas when it dies is the trap.  Before then it attacks just like a creature.

  4. It’s an animated can of mustard gas. That’s it.

    It gets no benefit from an expanded move set or more HP or armor.

    Feel free to modify it for your own campaign but I think it’s just fine and deadly the way it is.

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