14 thoughts on “For those of us using The Perilous Wilds, this generator seems extremely useful.”

  1. And so it was, the region of Golden Sweep, at the Throne of the Dead Troll, I found a construct by following a trail of blood. It was fresh. I knew instinctively it was the work of goblins… Or maybe kobolds? As I approached the construct I felt a tremor beneath me, it was an ambush! Slime and ooze came at me in waves (of roughly 12), a veritable horde of gruesome sludge beset me! Thankfully a fungal thing the size of a man and aligned to the forces of good came to my age and devoured the wretched wobbly wastes. With the aid of my new ally I carried the construct away to the nearest village, a treetop enclave of enchanting birdfolk. Upon speaking with the elder I learnt the construct was a map, and with it I saw the archive of the precursors… and the ruinating war they desire to bring to us all!

    Come near my fellows, and I will tell you my tale, which I entitle…


  2. Evidence → Tracks/Spoor → multiple

    Age: ancient

    Creature responsible: Monster → Unusual → squid/octopus + deer/horse/camel


  3. Danger

    Hazard → Trap → injurious (pit, etc.)

    Creature responsible: Beast → Airborne → chicken/duck/goose

    Aspect: time/constitution

    Visibility: partly covered/overgrown/hidden

    Can’t wait to have my players fall into a pit of goose shit.

  4. Nothing that says this one can’t be Vorpal…


    Beast → Earthbound → vole/rat/weasel

    Activity: traveling/relocating

    Disposition: neutral

    No. Appearing: solitary (1)

    Size: Small

  5. Peter J Not currently, although the whole thing is pretty data-driven, so it wouldn’t be hard to add the ability to customise tables (or even add new tables).

    Hmm, I know what I’m going to be doing in my lunch break today…

  6. Robert Rendell if you’re looking to improve your generator, I’d suggest that for any result that includes a die roll to just show the result of the roll. So instead of saying you find “a few coins, 2d8 or so” have it be “a few coins, 12 or so.”

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