Cynidicean (Horde, Devious, Intelligent)

Short Sword (d4 damage) 3 HP, 0 armor


Cynidiceans are a special type of normal humans who live in the underground Lost City. They have pale skin, white hair, large eyes, and infravision. They wear colorful masks, bright clothing, and carry short swords. They spend most of their time living in strange dream worlds.

Instinct: Act in a bizarre fashion

Live in a dream world

Unpredictable actions

Be Insane

Example Cynidicean Encounters:

One character in a wolf mask is encountered. This Cynidicean believes he is a werewolf. When he sees the party, he will drop to all fours, howl, sniff, circle, and generally behave like a wolf. He may try to bite if approached too closely. He thinks he cannot be harmed, and will only be afraid of magic or silver weapons.

Three characters approach the party, dressed in dark robes and devil masks. They carry incense burners. These Cynidiceans think they are powerful clerics.They see the party as demons and will try to drive them off with loud cries and foul-smelling smoke. The leader’s name is Brother Theodeus.

One Cynidicean dressed in bright green robes and a bird mask approaches the party She will walk slowly up to one party member, hand him or her a small pouch, smile, and walk on. She will not notice any attempt the party makes to talk to her.The pouch contains a strange powder that smells like cloves.The powder has no special properties at all.

This group of five Cynidiceans is dressed in brightly colored robes and masks with human faces. They will think the party is the same band of barbarian raiders who looted the city centuries ago. They will flee in panic as the party approaches.

Six Cynidiceans in striped robes and camel masks zig-zag slowly down the hall in single file. They are trying to avoid the invisible snakes on the floor. They will try to show the party the invisible snakes and warn the party to walk around the snakes. Th ere a re, of course, no snakes.

This party of four w ear insect masks, carry large clay jars, and hum like bees. They will stop and ask the party to drink from the jars. Everyone who does has 1-4 points of damage cured, as these jars contain honey from the lair of killer bees. If the Cynidicens are attack ed, or if someone tries to drink twice the Cynidiceans will smash the jars and attack berserkly.

This party of four wears animal masks: Hawk, Fish, Cat, and Fox (these are also the character’s names. They are carrying a stretch er with a gourd on it. These characters are rushing their “sick friend” (the gourd: Dog) to a cleric. If the party has a cleric, the Cynidiceans w ill insist that the cleric cure their friend.

This group of six in bright yellow robes and human masks will stop and stare at the party. They will “recognize” a party member as the King or Queen of Cynidicea. They will follow the character, sing songs of praise, and wait on the character hand and foot. In general, they will smother the character with attention. However, they will not fight for their King or Queen.They are more likely to grab the character and try to rush him or her to safety. Their spokesman is Policrates the Herald.

A group of four Cynidiceans in feathered robes and bird masks approach. On seeing the party, the Cynidiceans will “fly” (run) forward, flapping their arms and squawking. They will invite the party to fly along and will lead them on a merry chase. If the party refuses to join the Cynidiceans, the Cynidiceans will insult the party as poor creatures who cannot fly (“Thou land-bound slugs!”), circle three times, and “fly” away. If attacked, the Cynidiceans will “fly” away.

A group of six Cynidiceans with their bodies painted black and wearing vulture masks walk quietly toward the party. They carry long wooden boards, but seem friendly and normal.They will follow the party, waiting for something to be killed. When it is, they will rush over and start building a coffin to fit the body. When they are done, they will demand a 10 coin payment.They will attack if they are not paid.

These five Cynidiceans think are an adventuring party. They will think the player characters are some kind of monster (GM determine) and act accordingly.

(Source: Classic D&D Module B4: The Lost City)

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  1. Seriously reading, and thinking about how you could use them. There is no point, in the end. They are a funny encounter, but PCs have no/very few influence on their behavior, and those weird humans appear, do their thing, and go away.

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