An Old Friend would like to have your party for dinner…

An Old Friend would like to have your party for dinner…

An Old Friend would like to have your party for dinner…

Zargon (Solitary, Large, Planar)

Tentacles (d10 damage) 24 HP (1 armor)


Special Qualities: Regenerates, Horn must be destroyed to kill

Although Zargon is ancient, it is no god. It is a cunning creature that discovered its “godhood” makes it easier to get victims. Zargon was worshipped by primitive peoples in early times, but retreated underground when the primitives were wiped out by the ancestors of the Cynidiceans. Zargon remained in a strange hibernation for many years. By chance, the Cynidiceans built a palace on the spot where Zargon’s original shrine stood, and the later digging of the Cynidicean slaves awakened the creature. Zargon can regenerate its body as long as its great horn is not destroyed. Regeneration from the bare horn may take a number of years, but otherwise Zargon is likely to be at full strength whenever the party encounters it. Zargon’s horn can only be destroyed by being cast into a volcanic fire. Zargon will not regenerate during an encounter (it regrows too slowly for that).

Instinct: Devours sacrifices

Rules False Cult

Demon of the Ancient World


False Prophet

Lairs in a Lost Underground City (Cynidicea)

(Source: Classic D&D Module B4: The Lost City)

11 thoughts on “An Old Friend would like to have your party for dinner…”

  1. > Summon cultists

    > Something with the eye… paralyzing visions of horror?

    > Grasp you in a tentacle (pinioned) and hold you aloft

    > Smash you into the walls/floor

  2. John Willson and Co. what about:

    When enter into combat with Zargon, roll+DEX;

    on a 10+ you avoid his eye and slime

    on a 7-9 you are hit by Zargon’s foul slime and must take a -1 on all rolls until you next make camp

    on a 6 or less you meet Zargon gaze and suffer the effects of Zargon’s gaze.

    When you fall under Zargon’s gaze you must roll +WIS; 

    on a 10+ you are filled with fury and may proceed as if you had rolled a 10+ on hack and slash move against the monster

    on 7-9 you are unaffected

    on a 6 or less Zargon overwhelms you mind causing you to collapse in a coma until you are healed magically or the party next makes camp.

  3. Mark Tygart  I’m not sure Zargon needs full-on custom moves. The hazards of his slime or coma-inducing eye could just be written up as monster moves which can occur as a consequence of sufficiently low rolls of Hack and Slash, Defy Danger, Volley etc.

    The location itself might have custom moves though… I don’t have access to B4 any more (I think my brother has the copy we had when I was a kid), but I’m sure there were interesting features of Zargon’s room you could turn into moves…

    I have no experience with writing custom moves (I’ve only GMed a handful of DW sessions), but how does this sound:

    When you fall into a deep pool of foul slime, roll +DEX.

    – On a 10+, you’re covered in slime, but you managed to catch the edge and keep your head above the surface.

    – On a 7-9, you sink below the surface, but you closed your eyes and mouth quickly enough to avoid getting the stinging stuff in your eyes or swallowing any of it … for now.

  4. Mark Tygart Ya I was just thinking of GM moves, not player-facing moves. Your first move is basically Defy Danger, and your second move is basically Hack & Slash. On either move, on a failed roll, apply Zargon’s gaze effect. Simpler, and so easier to use at the table without stalling the conversation. 🙂

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