More things from my game tonight!

More things from my game tonight!

More things from my game tonight!

There is an Altar, on the island – a huge squatting thing (which the players will decide the exact shape of…) with its arms held up to the sky and a weakly struggling person bleeding out into its open mouth.

Nearby, a Wizard and his Cohorts are camping…

The basic idea is that it will be a nasty fight against a wizard and a handful of armed bastards who have been kidnapping and bleeding people into the altar, because of the solidified raw magic that it produces.

Little does the wizard know the Altar is an ancient, magical mimic that’s learned the savage inhabitants of the island would think it was an altar to one of their gods (with the mimics handy shapeshifting…) and trick them into sacrificing living things to it.

If the players decide not to smash the Altar, that fight wont happen…

4 thoughts on “More things from my game tonight!”

  1. Oooooo creepy.

    So does the mimic care if the solidified, sugar blood is taken by the worshipers?

    My evils warlock may want to come visit this mimic. Muhahaha

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