19 thoughts on “Hola. I’d like to buy some DW print adventures. Any recommendations?”

  1. Oh! Maybe check out Perilous Deeps. It’s got a dungeon each by all of the above (Joe, Johnstone, Jason), plus ones by me, Claytonian JP, and Adam Koebel.   

  2. Yeah, most adventures tend to be pdf-only, with maybe a print run provided by a kickstarter and that’s it. There’s my stuff and a few others, like Plague of Storms by Chris Longurst, for example. You might try checking with Magpie Games to see if they have any print copies of Last Days of Anglekite left, it’s pretty nice (as are the sequels) but they don’t have a POD option (yet?). I have played Servants of the Cinder Queen and Funnel World and I would say they are probably worth printing out, even at a print shop or whatever. Joe Banner is working on a print version of his Shadows of Umberto, and hopefully that will lead to more print from him in the future.

    If you care a lot about print quality, I’d recommend buying my books from Lulu instead of DriveThru, at least for the B&W ones. Use the US storefront and the coupon code LULURC, and also you can hit me up after and I’ll send you the pdfs no problem.

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