Solitary, Stealthy, Construct

Hit Points: 8

Armor: 1 (ignores piercing damage)

Sickle (d8 Damage, Close)

Special Qualities:

When a Scarecrow is on fire, its sickle does fire damage, ignoring armor.

When a Scarecrow walks between the rows to stalk its prey, the sound it makes seems to come from all directions at once.

“I would slay each living creature

The farmer, baker, teacher,

And fill the world with pain

All the things I’d be killing

Life would be so very thrilling

If I only had a brain.”

A scarecrow’s duty is implicit in its name. A scarecrow yearns to frighten, as much as old clothing and straw can yearn. Much as a stuffed animal can receive a child’s love, a scarecrow can receive a farmer’s fear and desperation. And just as a velveteen rabbit can be “loved real”, a scarecrow can be “feared real”.


Protect the Crops

Destroy Pests

Instill Fear

4 thoughts on “Scarecrow”

  1. I made up an insane scarecrow one time that was obsessed with Dorothy (he called any female who was nice to him Dorothy) who talked in rhymes. This reminds me of that and I greatly enjoy it. My favorite bit was him getting food for Dorothy by drowning a peasant woman in her own washbasin. He said, “Rub-a-dub-dub, thanks for the grub!” and took her cooling pot of stew back to camp.

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