4 thoughts on “Finished up some final touches on my Dungeon World Treasure Generator!”

  1. The generator feels extremely limited though. For example, planar only brings up “something not of this Earth, which, as a nitpick, might not be Earth in the player’s game. Maybe “land” instead?

    Divine also only brings up “a sign of a deity.”

    Would the generator be able to instead mix words between the groups of things, like maybe if you picked divine and something else, it may be a “flask of divine water” or “a flask of water with a glowing symbol of a Deity” rather than just a “flask of water” if divine was not ticked.

    “A small wooden doll skewered with needles,” which comes up as a magic item might be “A small wooden doll with the golden symbol of Nepharisis skewered with needles ” if you also choose divine, etc.

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