The Midsummer Wand

The Midsummer Wand

The Midsummer Wand

When waving wand in moonlit Fairy Ring,

You summon forth a swift and airy sprite,

Who will regard you as he does his king,

Performing simple tasks ’til morning’s light.

Roll 2d6, and add Charisma to it.

and if the summed result is ten or more.

The sprite you summoned truly will intuit

the meaning and intent of given chore

But if your score is seven, eight or nine,

some mischief will the airy sprite perform.

converting your command from one benign,

into a puckish and chaotic form.

Or else if sprite performs task straight and true,

Some resource from your person will he steal

as payment for the service he will do

(The Sprite will make the choice, to keep it real.)

And if your score is six or less, know this

The summoned sprite becomes a nemesis.

7 thoughts on “The Midsummer Wand”

  1. At first i was like “You do realize you can say ‘roll 2d6+CHA, *On a 10+…’ and then i saw that it had a rhyme scheme, and i thought to myself “shit i gotta up my game”

  2. I agree, and meant to imply that the sprite would show up and refuse your request, but it was hard to fit in a couplet.

    I have revised it to make the sense clearer.

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