This move is awesome.

This move is awesome.

This move is awesome.

Originally shared by Avi Waksberg

So that I can link to it easily, here is Jason Cordova’s labyrinth custom move for Dungeon World:

When you attempt to navigate the labyrinth, describe how you do it, and then roll +STAT. *On a 12+, hold 2 *On a 10+, hold 1. *On a 7-9, hold 1, but you also encounter a guardian. *On a miss, you encounter a guardian. *On a 1-3, also lose all hold.

If multiple party members navigate in turn, their hold is pooled together for the entire party. To find one of the labyrinth’s treasures, spend 1 hold and describe the room it is found in. You may spend 3 hold at any time to find the entrance to the heart of the labyrinth.

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  1. Ha! I was hearing about a labyrinth move just an hour ago on Discern Realities and wondering, “Is that the move Antoine Pempie​ used in last night’s game?”

    Thanks for answering the question, serendipity Aaron 🙂

  2. Episode 16 is where we first talk about and describe the move. Glad to see you all enjoying it! Be on the lookout for more location based custom moves as we are running a contest that we announced on episode 18! If you have some location based custom moves of your own, feel free to submit them to the contest! Winner will receive a 25 dollar gift card to Drivethrurpg or Amazon. Winners choice!

  3. This sounds fantastic. I’d love to hear from players or GMs who’ve used this just to hear how stats might be applied. I can easily imagine how Int might be used, but has a character advanced through a labyrinth with Cha? Con?

    I ask because I want to pilfer this for an upcoming game with new players and I may need to give them a prompt or two to think outside the square (although, knowing players generally, I probably won’t… 😉 )

  4. Andrew MacLean I think it depends a lot on the nature of the labyrinth. INT and WIS are going to get used most, and I think that’s appropriate. Here are some examples off the top of my head of ways you can use it:

    Ranger’s animal companion follows a particular smell (WIS, or possibly one of the animal’s stats, which would be a house rule, but within the spirit of the move).

    You yourself follow a particular smell (CON).

    Conversing with the intelligent denizens of the labyrinth (CHA, like David LaFreniere suggested).

    Quietly following a guardian or patrol in the labyrinth (DEX)

    Digging a hole beneath the labyrinth to bypass certain walls or areas (maybe STR, but probably CON).

    Place coins or other markers at intersections (INT).

    Pray to your god for guidance (I like CHA, but WIS would work, too).

    Smash through walls and barriers (STR)

    Climb to high spots to survey the labyrinth from above (CON).

    Balance on a narrow ledge or walkway above the party as you survey the most likely path through the labyrinth (DEX).

  5. Jason Cordova This is perfect. Yup, looks like I need to do some thinking outside the square too.

    I’ve only recently discovered “Discern Realities” and am almost up to date with it. Looking forward to hearing about the location moves competition!

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